Friday, August 21, 2009

Lobster Gram's Good Deeds Featured in Portland Press

From the Portland Press 8/19/2009

"Chicago businessman Dan Zawacki, who ships Maine lobsters all over the country under the company name Lobster Gram, is offering a pound of shrimp for free to people who buy two lobster tails or more in August, and is donating $1 of each order to the Lobster Institute."

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Visit the Lobster Institute Here

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"I'm still in awe over the promptness, the freshness of all items in the package and the meal itself"

I ordered, for the first time, quite a spread from your company on Sunday and received your package ahead of time on Tuesday. We had family in town from Florida where ironically getting good shellfish is an issue.
Needless to say as a company owner, I do little complaining when things go wrong, and even less complimenting when things go well...
I had to send a quick email to you to tell you the order was OUTSTANDING and I was blown away by the freshness of the order and the sweetness of the meal. Everything from the Lobster Bisque which had a ton of meat in it to the corn which was some of the best of the summer, the shrimp, large and tasty, the clams without a spec of dirt in them and the Lobsters which were some of the best I have eaten in quite some time...
With all the additional items in the kit, our family truly had a meal to remember.
I'm still in awe over the promptness, the freshness of all of the items in the package and the meal its self.
Please thank all involved.

Darryl & Melissa

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I loved everything about the Maine Shore Clambake!

I loved everything about the Maine Shore Clambake! It was so tasty and very easy to prepare. Would recommend Lobster Gram to family and friends! A bit of the East brought to Colorado! Loved it!!!

Kelly P.
Boulder CO

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Double Thanks from a Customer and Her Recipient

Dear Dan Zawacki & Lobster Gram Employees,
I just had to tell you all what a wonderful experience Lobster Gram has been for our family. I had a gift certificate that I renewed on line from my rewards points so I came across your advertisement. My husband's daughter lives in Virginia Beach and was soon to be having her 52nd Birthday. Since we live in Toledo Ohio, I wanted to surprise her and thought your Lobster Gram was a fun idea~ She and her husband love shrimp and lobster and use to celebrate at a seafood restaurant in Michigan called Gandy Dancer. Well we sent the Lobster Gram with a note that read "The Lobster's names are Gandy & Dancer, enjoy your birthday".
I only wish I could have been there to see her open the box! She thought it was going to be kielbasa (her Christmas gift) . I am sending you a copy of the thank you note she sent. "Priceless".
Thanks for a wonderful experience. We will be ordering again!

Thank you note from Gift Recipient
I have to admit that this year for my birthday it was the most exciting for sure! The Lobster Gram had to be the funniest and most delicious combined into one. We all enjoyed the entire experience and it will be the most memorable ever. Thank you so much for thinking of me and making my birthday so much fun and so tasty! :)

Thanks for Making Me Look Good!

I just wanted to let you know that my Father really loved the "Lobster Gram" we sent him. He was very impressed with the quality of the lobsters and was very impressed with the preparation instructions and the drawn butter that was part of the package.
Thanks for making me look good!

M. Bradshaw

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I will recommend your company to friends!

This happy Lobster Gram Customer ordered: Lobsters, New England Clam Chowder and Classic Mini Franks in blankets as shown below!

I liked the idea of including a recipe book with my order. We have made lobsters/lobster tails many times and have learned so much from the tips in the book. I will recommend your company to friends and will purchase from Lobster Gram again!

Kathy W.
Naperville IL

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Mother's Day Gift to Remember

This was a gift from our son for Mother's Day. We have clammed and crabbed while our kids grew up. Jersey corn & tomato always went with our clambakes. How can you beat that? You came close! Thank you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Lobster Institute Awards Lobster Gram the First Ever Rising Star Award!

Dan the Lobster Man Zawacki Owner and Founder of Lobster Gram Inc Holding the first ever Rising Star Award from the Lobster Institute
The Lobster Institute Presents the first Rising Star Award to Lobster Gram, Inc.

ORONO, MAINE – The Lobster Institute created its Rising Star Award for “Best New Industry Partner – Fundraising and Environmental Initiatives”, to recognize a lobster industry business that worked together with the Institute for the first time to raise awareness and the necessary funds for the Lobster Institute to continue its mission to “conduct and provide for research and educational outreach focused on protecting, conserving, and enhancing the lobster resource and lobstering as an industry…and as a way of life.”
Lobster Gram
, Inc. Founder and Chairman Dan Zawacki received the Institute’s 2008 Rising Star Award in recognition of Lobster Gram’s innovative “Lobster Bailout-Blowout Sale”. The tough economic downturn in Fall 2008 made it difficult for lobster fishermen in the North Atlantic to move their healthy supply of lobsters – during what is typically their most lucrative season. Lobster Gram, Inc. conceived the “Lobster Bailout-Blowout Sale” as a way to help these lobstermen protect their livelihoods. Zawacki explained “Lobster Gram just wanted to do what it could to help an industry that has been instrumental in our success.” As an additional motivator for customers, the sale also served as a fund raising mechanism for the Lobster Institute. For each purchase through the “Lobster Bailout-Blowout Sale”, Lobster Gram contributed $1 to the Lobster Institute. Nearly $2,000 was raised.
“We are very proud to count Lobster Gram as one of our newest industry partners,” said Dr. Bob Bayer, Executive Director of the Lobster Institute. “Dan has admirable foresight when it comes to the sustainability of the lobster resource and the fishery. He completely understands the mission of the Lobster Institute and our C.O.R.E. focus: Conservation, Outreach, Research, and Education…for the future of the lobster industry. His ‘Lobster Bailout-Blowout Sale’ is an example of his creative style and commitment to the fishery. It was doubly effective as it helped the lobstermen out of a tight jam, and raised both visibility and funds for the Lobster Institute.”
Dan “The Lobster Man” Zawacki started Lobster Gram in 1987 and it remains one of the top direct-mail retailers of lobster and gourmet foods. They ship all their live Maine lobster packages directly from their warehouse in Biddeford, Maine; and their National Customer Service Headquarters are in Chicago. You can learn more about them and their products at or at 1-800-LIVELOB.
The Lobster Institute has a 20+-year history of working with and for the lobster industry -- with an industry-driven focus on conservation, outreach, research, and education to sustain a healthy resource and a viable fishery. It serves the entire American lobster (Homarus americanus) fishing region, from Long Island Sound to Newfoundland, from its home base at the University of Maine. You can learn more about the Lobster Institute at or by calling 207-581-2751.