Sunday, August 19, 2007

It was worth every cent!

I have heard your product promoted on WGN radio for years, and wanted to do something special for my mom and dad's 48th anniversary so I sent them a live Maine Lobster & Fillet Mignon package. They don't go out to eat very often, and since it's been so horribly cold & snowy in their area, I thought it would be fun. On delivery day the weather was awful. At 4:30 Mom put a frozen pizza in the oven. The FedEx driver came about 5:30 as they were eating their supper... so they had to wait until the next day to enjoy their lobsters. My mom was so excited when she opened the box. She could not get over how beautifully everything was packed and thoughtfully included. She called me 3 times before they even took a bite! "Did I tell you there was a fresh lemon in there?" she said on call #2. Call 3: "The crystal candle holder is so beautiful, and they even put matches in the box! Can you believe that???" They ate the lobster (saved the steaks and bisque) and said it was excellent. My dad is pretty easy to please. Mom is fussier - very classy lady. They're both economical and I about fell over when mom said, "I know that must've cost a pretty penny... but it was worth every cent. I don't know when we ever enjoyed something more, and opening those boxes was better than Christmas." Thank you for helping me celebrate their love and commitment and making their anniversary a truly special occasion. Please pass my thanks along to the whole team for the quality, thought, and TLC. I will definitely order again and pass this idea along to others. It is a perfect gift.

M. Zimmer

Our LiveLob dinner was OUTSTANDING!

Wow, our Live Lob dinner was OUTSTANDING! Thank you so much! It was packaged so well, and I really appreciated all of the easy directions. The fillet actually does melt in your mouth! I'm also sending in a comment card to thank you, again. If you ever need us to spread the good word about Live Lob here in Omaha, please don't hesitate to let me know!
Deanna Marcelino

Monday, August 13, 2007

I Loved my Lobster Gram!

Just wanted to send a note to tell you I LOVED my lobster gram. I received the Lobster-licious Gram. The food was absolutely the best. I haven't enjoyed a meal that good since I left Maine 20 years ago. Made me home sick for New England food! Thank you for the great service!
G. Clanton

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I've been getting your magazine for 3 YEARS!!!! and hoping some day I would be able to purchase one of your GIANT LOBSTER TAILS. Well this year Meredith ordered us 2 of the 20-to-24 oz. lobster tails. I NEVER DREAMED it would be that was soooooooo exciting to receive, and the shipping was awesome. I was SO HAPPY!!! It was so big I ate half last night and half tonight. I want to let you know how AWESOME THEY ARE!!!
My grandkids know I love lobster, so for my birthday last year they bought me the lobster oven mitts, apron, hat, plate holders, etc. I told them I was going to save them for the very special lobster tail for "Grandma Tina" and this was it. Thank you for being true to your word. They were soooooo unbelievably good!!!! My grandkids had such a laugh over my attire for the pics, I had Meredith wear the outfit too.
Tina Childers