Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wow, I'm so glad I ordered from you.

Happy Customer Making Gourmet Memories

Wow, I'm so glad I ordered from you. It is my husband's birthday weekend and we have a feast for the whole weekend & more. We already enjoyed our Lobster & Filets last night and they were amazing. The white chocolate cheesecake is sinful; we practically ate the whole thing last night. The food also arrived safely and very well-packaged. Thank you so much. We will definitely order from Lobster Gram again!
Holly & Eric Comprone

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Having an amazing lobster dinner.

The lobsters I sent to West Virginia arrived the following day, intact, alive and from all accounts, delicious. Here's a photo of a couple of the college boys abandoning their usual ramen noodles and feasting on your delicious crustaceans. Their "away" messages on their computers that night all said, "Having an amazing lobster dinner!" Thanks for your efficiency and your wonderful service. By delighting them, you delighted me!

P.S. - They received the package because West Virginia University beat Syracuse (my alma mater) last weekend. Had SU won, I would have had my car detailed inside & out and they would have had to wear SU T-shirts to all their classes. It's safe to say they got the better end of the deal!
Sue Weibezahl
College guys enjoying lobster

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What a wonderful surprise for our Anniversary!

I gave my parents a lobster gram for their 51st wedding anniversary. Below is a copy of the E-Mail message they sent me that night.
What a wonderful surprise for our Anniversary! They were the best lobsters we have had in years. They were AAA lobsters in all respects. They were chock full of sweet meat and the shells were very hard, as they should be. We thoroughly enjoyed them and will have the Clam Chowder tomorrow. The package was complete with everything - Lobsters, shell crackers and picks, 2 lemons, about 2 dozen butter packets, napkins, recipe book and bibs. That truly was a first class gourmet package. Thank you very much for your thoughtful remembrance.
- Ma & Dad

Monday, October 9, 2006

We had a fantastic patio lobsterfest

Thanks to your great products, and a beautiful Colorado evening. We had a fantastic patio lobsterfest for ourselves and five guests Friday. The shrimp and crab claw appetizers were tremendous starters. The various courses that followed, including the mussels which some of our friends did not know they liked, made for a great adventure for everyone. The crab cakes showed us what crab cakes should really be. And then the lobsters---the lobsters were fantastic. The excellent Key Lime Pie topped off a very fun party.
Joe Donathan

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Thanks for a great product.

I ordered a Lobster-licious Gram dinner for my son's birthday - he and his wife loved it! They ate for two days with all the food, and I was so glad he got a "birthday" cheesecake too. He said the chowder was the best he's had - the clams were not chewy, but soft and so creamy. Thanks for a great product.
Karol Bauman