Monday, April 5, 2004

And the lobster tails - sweet, delicious and big!

Lobster tails and steak from lobster gram
I just wanted to say a big thank you for making my father's 70th birthday a great one. I have been ordering my dad steak and lobster combinations for about 5 years but this year's was by far the best ever because of Lobster Gram!! I ordered him the Web Special South African Filet Feast with Tails Dinner for 2. Well, he couldn't stop raving about the flavors. He told me that the soup was wonderful, the crab cakes full of crab - no filler, the steak and lobster combo was in his words "out of this world". He told me that he could cut his filet with a fork it was so tender. And the lobster tails - sweet, delicious and big! My dad even enjoyed the cheesecake and coffee for dessert and that says a lot, being that my dad doesn't really eat sweets. Well, I know what I'll be ordering for Father's Day. Thanks again for having a superior product.
Diana Paisley