Tuesday, July 12, 2005

No restaurant could compete with a dinner like that.

Live Lobster Feast from Lobster Gram
A group of us spend each Fourth of July at beautiful Walloon Lake in northern Michigan. We started having lobsters sent to the lake six years ago -- and everyone enjoyed them so much, we've continued the tradition every year. We usually get a few pounds of fresh littleneck clams, lots of clam chowder, and lobsters. Everything has always been wonderful -- well worth the price. We especially love the clam chowder -- everyone says it's the best we've ever had. The men build a fire pit with concrete blocks on the sand, and fill a horse trough with water for the lobsters. The preparation is almost as much fun as the meal! We steam the clams in butter, wine, parsley and shallots (or garlic and onion) -- and people literally stand around the stove with plates and bread, waiting for the clams to open! No restaurant could compete with a dinner like that. Thanks for a wonderful product, great service, and a delicious feast!
Anne Freimark

Thursday, July 7, 2005

It arrived today and we're in heaven!

Live Maine Lobsters from Lobster Gram
I had sent my mother and father-in-law a gift of your Maine clambake for a combined Mother's and Father's Day gift. They raved so much, I had to order the Boston Party Gram for us. It arrived today and we're in heaven! What a wonderful feast - well-packaged and top quality! I'm a lifelong fan as of now! In fact, we're trying to determine who will receive a "Lobster Gram" for Christmas!
Thank you so much!
Love, peace and lobsters,
Lynn Russell