Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Thanks to all of you for a stellar performance

Maine Lobster tails from Lobster Gram
The food, the glorious food (Maine Marvel Deluxe Dinner with extra Lobster Bisque) came all perfectly frozen, perfectly packaged, not a thing out of place. The box had nary a nick in it and we dug in Friday night, the first of four nights of culinary bliss. First, we shared the Bisque and half the shrimp. Then we shared the tails with a baked potato on Saturday night. We had the balance of the shrimp and the clam chowder on Sunday night and finished off Monday with another baked potato with the filet mignon. We have eaten at some fine restaurants in the past, with outstanding food, but we believe this experience, the ambiance of home, the candle in the centerpiece, our choice of background music and no noise from other diners, probably made this the finest dining experience we have experienced in our 16 years together. And we danced after dinner in our bare feet on the carpet Saturday night. Thanks to all of you for a stellar performance
Michael Ray Davis

Monday, February 16, 2004

I have never had such great tasting lobster in my life.

Lobster tails and steak from Lobster gram
I have never had such great tasting lobster in my life. I ordered the combo of 4 South African tails and 4 filet mignon and treated 3 of my best friends to a wonderful dinner. It was very memorable. After every bite, it was...What a great tasting lobster...This steak just melts in your mouth...Wow, this is the best lobster tail I have ever eaten...Let's do this again real soon. And so on and so on, it went all during the dinner. We all agreed that yesterday, the day after Valentine's Day, was the BEST and tastiest meal we have ever had, including dining at some of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. My hats off to you and your staff. You were so helpful to me, since I had never cooked lobster before I had lot a lot of questions. Your tips and help over the phone was an example of Superior Customer Service. We are definitely going to order again and treat ourselves to another fantastic food orgy. Keep up the good work.
J.A Nugent